Guided Tours - Nuragic Village Arrubiu

Guided Tours - Nuragic Village Arrubiu

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To learn more about the mysterial nuragic civilization today, just visit the many Nuragic villages scattered in the region of Sardinia. One of the megalithic constructions that absolutely must be admired is the Nuragic Village Arrubiu in Orroli, one of the largest in Sardinia. Around Orroli there is an archaeological site of exceptional interest the centre of which is Nuraghe Arrubiu (that in Sardinian language means “red nuraghe”), one of the biggest on the island, dating back to 1400 BC. It is well worth visiting, think that the central tower is 16 metres high (originally 27 metres) and is surrounded by no less than 5 smaller towers. Inside there is a courtyard where you can find another 8 towers, strong defensive walls and a village which was inhabited up to Roman times. This is the only “pentalobato” nuraghe in Sardinia and covers an areas of 5000 square metres. Its imposing structure is constructed of red basalt from which it takes its name Arrubiu (red). In the biggest tower you can admire the tholos (dome) which is perfectly intact, there is even a treasure buried in the middle of a mass of ash. A perfectly preserved votive vase used for pagan rites towards some divinity. Archaeologists have found many remains of large amphorae used for alimentary storage, while one of the towers (named “chamber of the ladies”) has provided a large number of everyday objects.

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