Guided Tours - Su Marmuri Cave and the Textile Cooperative of Ulassai

Guided Tours - Su Marmuri Cave and the Textile Cooperative of Ulassai

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The Cave Su Marmuri (in Sardinian language marmuri means marble), is situated in the Province of Ogliastra, in central-western Sardinia, near a small village Ulassai. The Cave is still alive and its visible part with two characteristic underground lakes, is 850 m long. The particular features of the Cave are the extensive halls with very high archway, the numerous calcium concretions, magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and columns. The fauna of the Cave is rather rich: there are an underground scolopendra, a Sardinian cave salamander and a huge colony of bats.


After visiting the Cave the textile cooperative of Ulassai is waiting for you. The women of the cooperative have been working with passion for more than thirty years, masterfully reinventing the ancient techniques of weaving with a hand loom . Their products are all made with natural fibres, and the typical repertoire of Sardinian patterns is successfully complemented with new designs developed in collaboration with local artists such as Maria Lai. The lunch is not included in price. You may have a lunch in a local Typical restaurant famous for its rich Ogliastrian dishes.

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