Guided Tours - Traditional Folk Evening at the Sa Festa Maison

Guided Tours - Traditional Folk Evening at the Sa Festa Maison

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Since than the Sa Festa Maison has been delighting and “kidnapping” many visitors: its atmosphere rich of history, fragrances and traditions, a covered garden patio surrounded by lush green strawberry trees and myrtle, Sardinian hospitality, melodies, songs and dancing make the folk evenings really unforgettable.


Everything has started in 1958 when Signor Vincenzo, the owner and the landlord of the Sa Festa Maison, formed a Folk group called Kalagonis, with a great desire to share music, traditions, dancing, aromas and flavours of his magic land with others. The dinner menu is very rich, you will taste the traditional appetizers like Sardinian sheep cheese pecorino, prosciutto (jerked ham), baked pork sausages, Sardinian olives; first dishes – “Maloreddus” (traditional Sardinian pasta), ravioli con ricotta filling. And the main course that has become a gastronomic symbol of Sardinia is a piglet baked on skewer. All the dishes are served non by waiters but by real artists in traditional Sardinian costumes. After the main course the folk show begins with beautiful dancing and songs creating a sharmy cosy atmosphere.

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