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Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 523

A floating "apartment" for both owners and guests who expect only the best for their leisure time pursuits, luxury, safety, comfort.

Cabin with private bathrooms, elegantly appointed saloon, prime quality materials: fittings and furnishings that make life on board uniquely special! Thanks to its next-generation hull and deck, top quality equipment and ample reserves of water and fuel, the Oceania is unrivalled as a marvelously safe all-seas yacht. Please note the extraordinary elegance of the hull, the body's capacity, the considerable hight of the interior, the cuise vessel cockpit, the deluxe parquet work, the refined fittings, and the solid wood throughout by features affording top comfort and convenience.At the bow, the spacious, amazingly comfortable master cabin, with working corner and a large private bathroom. Abaft, we find two guest cabins. These cabins are well-lit and spacious, with generous stowage. All cabins have their own private bathroom. The interior layout also features a large dinette and instruments and communication zone.The crew members are accomodated in the bow in a separate cabin with its own bathroom.

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