Themed Events at La Villa del Re

We are pleased to offer the following events to our Guests:

20th May

Jean-Paul Tréguer

09049 Villasimius (SU)

  • Introducing So Chic.
  • Territory, history and art.
26th May

Cantina di Castiadas

Loc. Olia Speciosa
09040 Castiadas - Cagliari
  • Product line presentation, white rosés and reds.
  • Origins and history of a territory
  • New approach to Cannonau
2nd June

Cantina Barone Pizzini

Soc. Agr. p.A
Via San Carlo 14, 25050
Provaglio d'Iseo (BS)

  • Presentation of the entire sparkling wine range.
  • What makes Franciacorta the icon of Italian sparkling wine excellence.
9th June

Cantina Antigori

Tenuta: Loc Baccalamanza
09012 Capoterra (CA)

  • Introducing whole range of whites and reds.
  • Interaction between wine and the sea
16th June

Cantina Audarya

Loc. Sa Perdera ,SS 466 km. 10,100
09040 Serdiana, Cagliari (CA)
  • Introducing entire range of whites, rosés and reds.
  • New generation of producers with ancient origins.
  • Sardinian autochthonous
23rd June 

Cantina Jankara

Via Arzachena, 19
07030 Sant’Antonio di Gallura (SS)
  • Introducing full range of whites and reds.
  • Combination of Gallura and Vermentino