The caves of "Su Marmuri"

The Cave of “Su Marmuri” (in Sardinia "Marmuri" means "marble"), is located in Ulassai, in the Ogliastra area, in the central-western Sardinia.

The cave is 850 metres long, and is entirely flat and contains two characteristic underground lakes.
Special features of the cave are the very high imposing halls, its stalactites, stalagmites and columns.

Further, the visit continues to the textile cooperative of Ulassai.

The women of this cooperative have been passionately committing to their work for over thirty years, presented with mastery of the ancient techniques of working with a hand loom.

Their products, all made with natural fibers, alongside the typical craft decorative repertoire of Sardinia, developed new motifs in collaboration with local artists such as Mary Lai.

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