Quad excursion

Lighthouse tour- 2 hour duration, every day from 05:00 p.m untill 07:00 p.m.
Departure from the riding school of “Iba sa Cresia” to the pine forest of Capo Ferrato, continued towards the beach dunes of Feraxi, through a beautiful maze.

Complete tour - 3 hour duration.
Expected departure from the riding school of “Iba sa Cresia”, where you come along a path of the Mediterranean, among mastic and cistus bushes.
The nature trail continues to the Feraxi beach, where a stop at the lagoon is planned.
Leaving the coast through Monte Liuru and Monte Mergianis, you climb up the hills toward a great panoramic view of the Mediterranean scrub, forest and wild animals.

Terms and conditions

  • We accept reservations for a minimum of 2 quads.
  • You can book your excursion by contacting our Reception desk.
  • The service is provided by “Iba sa Cresia” and the payment must be done by cash directly to it

Required clothing and equipment

  • Sunglasses, no contact lenses
  • Helmets (provided by “Iba sa Cresia”)